Sidizen King Takes On The Chainsmokers

If you’re tuned in to the Top 40, or music in any form of capacity, you’ve probably (hopefully) heard of The Chainsmokers by now. They do that summer jam “Closer” with Halsey. Another one of their popular songs is “Don’t Let Me Down” (You should really watch that video if you’re into hydraulics on cars dance battling women in the middle of the road) featuring Daya, which LA based rapper SiDizen King has just put his own twist on. Rappers have often put their skills to the test by trying to flip a big song in their own way, whether it be through a sample, remix, or an entire new take. Like did you know Mac Miller remixed Owl City’s “Fireflies?”

King is no stranger to the dance/electronic world as he has incorporated such elements in his music in the past. Taking on a big hit like this one can be a lofty task for any artist, but he manages to come out like a champ and makes the big hit his own. With production from CasualKimono, the track kicks off with a slower tone as King begins his flow which leads to the distorted hook from Daya. “This that type of vibe that make you quit your 9-5” is the first line of the track, which is something King himself knows about after fully devoting himself to his music career. King is addressing those who were doubting his decisions and weren’t there when he needed that support. If you aren’t gonna hold him down during the dark times, he doesn’t want you there when the sun comes out.

With his exceptional ear and taste; going through King’s Soundcloud you find just how many different genres he is working with in his musical palette. His “Don’t Let Me Down” mix is just another example of his neverending versatility. With a heavy steam building up it wouldn’t be wise to sleep on SiDizen King. Who knows… the man might even put a spin on your favorite pop track too. Take a listen to King’s “Don’t Let Me Down” below and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new music from him in the future.

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