LISTEN: Single “///SAGE LEAF’84” by Sage the 64th Wonder


Chicago-native rapper and producer Sage the 64th Wonder released a new single today, titled “///SAGE LEAF’84.” We are anticipating his latest project titled THE .SAGE~WAV sometime in 2016.  Sage explores areas new in his development through this very experimental instrumental.  If you’ve listened to him before, it’s very evident that while there are trademark sounds, they’re aptly placed within the introduction-allowing a definite sense of evolution.

Somber, and ambient, yet electric, and actively paced, “///SAGE LEAF’84” is a strong example of what is yet to come. Compared to his previous releases like MLNCHLYGLD and THE MUTEN BLVCK where boom-bap and samples thrive, wind is brought to life within the beat and physically flows throughout the single.

Heading into this direction brings a positive note; while being sonically unique is what attracts you to Sage’s sound, the aura remains the same and makes you yearn for what his other half, his lyricism.

Sage the 64th Wonder continues to make innovative and unique music with his label Onsol records. You can listen to his latest releases on his Soundcloud provided, and visit other inquiries such as discographies and other artists of his crew at their website. The Chicago crew The Terra Godz are out making moves and developing hip-hop for the better, so follow their Twitter Accounts @OnsolRecords and @TheTerraGodz for further announcements.