Listen: Sir Michael Rocks Drops New EP “Populair”

populair ep
Photo courtesy of Complex Magazine.

Sir Michael Rocks is on a tear to make an impact on hip-hop outside the shadow of The Cool Kids. After plans for the All City Chess Club that never quite fully materialized, Mikey Rocks dropped his debut album Banco last year in June, and after the leak of “Perfect” off of his new EP Populair, today the Chicago-born rapper drops the full project.

Our first impressions of the record are favorable so far. Mikey Rocks carries himself with a bouncy infectiousness throughout the project, often times sounding like A$AP Ferg in the way his mic presence evokes a coked up Frankenstein. For most of the project, Mikey opts for a sound palette that’s more akin to a sinister-sounding breed of cloud rap, (besides the leaked “Perfect,” which has more conventionally trap-sounding drums).

Stream Populair below or on Soundcloud, or buy it on iTunes.