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Six Foot Pigeons (From left to right: Joey and Tommy)

six foot pigeons

Palmdale, California is located just over the San Gabriel Mountains from LA and as the bird flies, the heart of Palmdale is a mere 50 miles from the City of Angels. For all intents and purposes however, to efficiently get from one to the other, it’s best done with wings.

Hip hop production duo Six Foot Pigeons hails from Palmdale and consists of brothers Joey and Tommy Massari. The duo has been garnering buzz since remixing a classic Ludacris track in addition to their exclusive release with record label Future Heist.

Six Foot Pigeons formed in late 2012 when Joey came home from Occidental College and saw his younger brother Tommy, a senior at Quartz Hill High School, brewing electronic beats on his laptop. Since then, the two have been perfecting their craft and working on instrumentals.

Between the two brothers, there’s an extensive arts background. They grew up in a musically exuberant household; both took piano lessons at a very young age and minored in music composition at their respective colleges. This past semester, Tommy studied at a creative arts program in New York while interning at a music management company. Joey currently works as an assistant to a Film/TV Composer at a recording studio in Atwater Village.

Despite the classical upbringing and formal music education, Six Foot Pigeons point to their enduring love for hip hop as the predominant creative influence in their artwork. Sometimes their sound is aggressive, sometimes it is soulful, at other times it makes you want to gig. Regardless, every project is, “without fail, driven by our love for hip hop.”

We want to identify as producers inspired by hip hop, but not limited to rap music.


Although hip hop remains their signature style, Six Foot Pigeons strive to “bridge the gap between the worlds of hip hop and EDM” with their material. Both brothers draw inspiration from musicians like FlumeGlass Animals, and Mr. Carmack, but they both name Kanye West as a game changer for their sound as well. They consistently acknowledge the connection between the two interrelated genres and the common “musical territory” and in order to push boundaries, Six Foot Pigeons takes the best of both worlds. The brothers aspire to become the “go-to” producers and songwriters for a wide range of artists within that emerging niche.

Finding a perfect balance recurs as well in their integral bond as brothers. Per usual, the siblings can find just as much to disagree about as what they can agree on. Tommy has an affinity for bangers while Joey embraces a more melodic chord-based approach. But rather than struggling for the dominant opinion over the end product, the two compromise their strengths and weaknesses to maximize their abilities as a team.

We’re trying to find a healthy balance. There’s a fine line between being perfectionists and being neurotic…keeping that balance is the biggest challenge.

-Joey & Tommy



And Six Foot Pigeons are just getting started.

The duo plans to drop a remix with frequent collaborators Code Green soon in March. They are working on a number of other projects and are currently in the early stages of releasing their debut EP.

We want Six Foot Pigeons to be an extremely collaborative movement that challenges the musical boundaries separating the genres we love. This is exactly why we’re so excited about our upcoming Code Green remix. We feel it does just that.


Titled Flap House, the upcoming Six Foot Pigeons EP is “their personal take on hip hop dance music” and what the duo conceives is the future of that sub-genre. The “Flap House is a bird house that we cook all our beats in,” as well as a punny interpretation of  “trap house.” The Flap House demos they sent me resonate with trap electro-dance vibes, trip-hop, and deep house. Look for its release sometime this upcoming Fall 2016.

Following the release of Flap House, the duo plans on organizing shows, playing parties, and promoting their hard work. The quintessential Six Foot Pigeons concert “would feature us as DJ instrumentalists hosting fellow singers, rappers, and producers that we have collaborated with in the studio to perform live.”

When I asked what Six Foot Pigeons will look like in 5 years, they ambitiously responded with “producing and performing music for a living, and maybe even scoring some films.”

Keep up with Six Foot Pigeons: SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook 

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