Sleep Sound Playlists

The days are getting shorter. Winter is coming. Your workload is piling up. Embrace the darkness. Go to bed. Hibernate. Eat a big bowl of ice cream. Etcetera.

If you can bother to open your dim laptop and associate with the digital world, you can go to Spotify or Soundcloud to check out some music so you can fall back asleep.

These playlists feature some of the most mellow sounds to come out of the realm of hip-hop/R&B. From the jazzy A Tribe Called Quest, to Flying Lotus’ sonic escapism, this playlist will get in the mood to not get out of your bed. We’ve got everything you’re looking for: old-school, contemporary, boom bap, ambient. Strip the context and let the chill atmosphere set in. Sweet dreams tonight.

Stream both ‘Sleep Sound’ Playlist on SoundCloud and Spotify below.

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