Smokers Delight Playlists

Some days you just want to roll one up and listen to music. After looking through your Itunes library full of your favorite tracks that were popular in middle school, you have no songs that would suite the level of bliss that you are trying to reach. Fortunately for you, the True Too team is full of masters of tree and vibes. Lonely aux-cords and musicless smoke circles are no more with these two new playlists for marijuana enthusiasts.

“Smoke weed everyday” -Dr. Dre

Weed has been a staple in the rap game since the start of the genre. Beginning with simple references to blunts, it has now become the main characteristic of many artists like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. These artists are now taking advantage of their stoner lifestyle, releasing different smoking accessories and papers. Some artists now get high on the internet for our amusement. Action Bronson now gets paid by Viceland to smoke weed, take dabs, and watch ancient aliens with his friends. GQ teamed up with 2 Chainz $500k smoke session.

While some potheads prefer old school west coast hip hop like Dr. Dre, some like the new style of artists like Chance The Rapper. We tried to cover every preference of stoner in the two playlists below. We included the OG’s like Cam’Ron and The Pharcyde but also the young stoners like Mick Jenkins and Thundercat. Light one up and check out both playlists on our SoundCloud and Spotify below.

Like and share the playlists with your fellow ents if you enjoyed. Also, check here if your state is voting on legislation this coming election in November. Light one up and check out both playlists on our SoundCloud and Spotify below and stay tuned to True Too for all things hip-hop.

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