S’natra makes a triumphant return with “Number One”

Number One (Prod. Ivan Jackson - S'natra
Number One (Prod. Ivan Jackson - S'natra

Rapper hiatuses are painful to go through right up to the moment that artist releases a new song. Whomever was struggling over the half-year hiatus S’natra took, “Number One” is the reason the wait was worth it.
Produced by long-time collaborator Ivan Jackson of the Brasstracks,  “Number One” has 82,000 plays on Soundcloud with no signs of slowing down. “This song was good at first but now it’s reposted every six hours that im sick of hearing it” was the first comment I saw on Soundcloud and S’natra has made exactly that.

He’s made a song that is so good that you want to play it until you’re sick of it.

The song has the catchiness that tracks off Kanye’s Late Registration had. The whole track gives off a “We Major” vibe and the level of lyricism isn’t off either.
It’s as if S’natra’s career depended on his bars with lines like “Ain’t trying to go back to the bookings, I’m trying to get booked for a show.” Compelling lyricism between a genuinely great instrumental is hard to find in the underground.
Strings within the beat can be found in small nooks throughout and bring much-needed life into an instrumental that could’ve been repetitive. The synths burst out in the hook and follow S’natra’s lead. This is all tied in by a classic boom bap drum pattern and the same “What does it take to be number one” sample.

“What does it take?” is the caption of S’natra’s comeback song. The song that he took half a year off to perfect and come back with. By the end of the song, even if you’re fully convinced that question has been answered by S’natra himself, it’s evident he’ll never stop trying to be number one. Listen to the classy return below and follow S’natra on Twitter.

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