Listen: The Farrow – So Long

The Farrow - So Long
The Farrow - So Long

Imagine having a Division 1 football scholarship getting taken away from you because of injuries. A game you loved being stripped from you. Most would lose any sense of purpose in life, but not The Farrow. Channeling his emotions into his music, Farrow has started to see some great success in his first single. “So Long” off of his upcoming EP titled Sweet Rose.

“So Long” starts off with a piano melody and ends off with a wailing synth run through an arpeggiator. That same balance found between natural and electronic parallels the balance between retrospective and forward-thinking lyrics. “And now she want to fuck sober, I ain’t done this shit in so long.” It’s unorthodox of a rapper to describe any bit of uneasiness about their sexual life, but that has started to change considering J. Cole’s “Wet Dreamz.” The song almost serves as an extremely classy way of saying his life has been focused on, well, “Money over bitches.” The M.O.B. mentality. As crazy as it sounds, rappers really have personal lives. They have pivotal moments, just like any other human being, where the business side of their life took over the personal side. There eventually will always be a moment where you have to face that latter side of your life again, The Farrow knows that better than anyone else.

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