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Rather than glorify the typical rap subjects of money, fame and women, Los Angeles rapper Ahmen is breaking the themes of today’s mainstream hip hop. An artist and nonprofit activist, the rapper obviously hopes that his music will combat the socio-economic disparities that is so prevalent in the minds of Americans today.

His new music video “Our Time” continues to spread the same message that has built his fledgling career. With the flow of later years Eminem, his delivery illustrates inspiration, motivation, and strength needed to overcome obstacles that most of us face every day.

Featuring Jos J, a completely unknown singer, Ahmen’s lyrics are left to empower while J splits it up with an uplifting hook. Lines like “I’m never old, I’m younger, I’m feelin bold I’m gonna, cut my teeth on dreams, so I can feed my hunger / This is food for thought, I choose to be the hunter, my plunder is the punishment for suckers goin under” proves that the artist has the chops for tightly woven wordplay capable of presenting itself verse after verse.


rapper, singer, new york, brooklyn, portraits, music, cool

While the track is a radical departure from the mainstream, it’s also far from perfect. The relatively slow beat doesn’t leave much room for Ahmen to showcase any actual rapping skills, spending most of the song intoning rather than spitting. The Woodkid-esque thundering drums also threaten to drown out Ahmen’s preaching for unification and power.

The Sri Lankan rapper comes from a first generation immigrant family, bringing the heart of a hard worker and talented threat into the game. Not many are able to say that and Ahmen carries an attribute that holds the ability to split himself apart from other prospects.

There’s a crossroads that many come to day in and day out, and while Ahmen could have chosen a path for a corporate career, it’s as if he was inspired his parents. Ahmen states in a recent interview that “Sri Lankan men are supposed to be engineers and doctors.” He didn’t follow the money, he chose to follow a path true to his heart.

Listen to “Our Time” below, and for everything else hip-hop, keep reading on at TrueToo.

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