Steez76D Has Karma On His Side

California has always been know for its women, weed, and weather and the music from the state has always illustrates that. Two Southern California natives Steez76D and Karma have teamed up to release a full-length collaborative album. Both rappers from Oceanside, California have a lengthy past together with Karma recently appearing on Steez’s last album T.R.E.E.. Their combined abilities together work to form real, genuine hip hop. We first met Steez76D this past winter in North County, San Diego and he has stayed busy, releasing a few dope singles and music videos.

In conversations about California’s rap culture, it’s typical for Los Angeles to be mentioned before San Diego but these two are working to change that. This album contains features from fellow Oceanside artists like Sweezy Mac and Oside Blaze. This shows that instead of going to outside communities to look for talented artists they decided to use the resources that are right next door. Both artists are working hard to promote their local community by putting on shows, working with local artists and streaming their music globally on different platforms online.

Steez76D Karma

Karma and Steez76D recently held a release party for the album in North County this past weekend and were able to turn a summer pool party into a music festival full of local artists. This project contains moments of old school west coast rap, trap rap, and new age electronic rap, so it contains moments for everyone. The duo decided to divide the album into three parts to show their versatility and appreciation for the different styles. Like the Orange County duo The Doppelgangaz, both are rappers and producers on the album, working together to make sure every facet of each track is solid. Check out the Pacific Ocean Records website for some great San Diego rap and buy the new ‘Steez76D Karma’ album now, or stream the album on Spotify below!

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