Swank Cobainn Gives Us The Rage Tape

In the heart of the Midwest of Bettendorf, Iowa is a young Kenneth Kirk, also known as Swank Cobainn. Swank has his ear in all styles of music and aside from rap has been known to dabble in rock, as his punk influences are evident on his debut EP The Rage Tape that dropped earlier today. Before you stop and go “Who the fuck raps in Iowa?” don’t forget that The Hawkeye State produced Herbert Hoover our 31st president and the That 70’s Show-Friends With Benefits-heartthrob Ashton Kutcher. So why can’t the next big star from Iowa be an up and coming rapper? Speaking on The Rage Tape, Swank said he wanted to give people an outlet for expression:

With my debut my main goal was to make music that allowed people to feel all of their emotions; whether it be relaxed, angry, depressed, excited, or all at the same time. Hopefully my generation can connect with where I’m coming from and see my vision.

From the artwork, the lyrical content, and tone of Swank, there’s a lot about The Rage Tape that reminds us of the Odd Future days of old.  Take for instance the track “Scheme the Anthem,” as it sounds like Swank could fit right in yelling on a hook with all of Tyler’s friends. With lines like “Slurp me up just like a Danimal” he fits right in place with his punk-rap attitude. Throughout the eight tracks, Swank shows a variety of style and uses his wide tastes to benefit him. On “Playboy Bunny Hat,” he slows it down as heavy keys leak through the production creating a hypnotic effect. The breakdown that comes at the 1:50 mark is sonically a great move and ties the whole track together leaving no loose ends.

The Rage Tape is a clear platform for Swank Cobainn to vent out his emotions. Whether he’s rapping about girls or feeling paranoid when he turns up like on “Benzo,” he offers us an inside look to his feelings and allows the listener to connect. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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