Sweden’s iSHi drops “Grace” with King Mez


Producer, song writer, artist. iSHi, Stockholm, Sweden’s jack of all trades, is starting this summer strong by dropping three singles throughout the next few months. iSHi blasts off with King Mez in “Grace” and it’s clear that it’s a harbinger for the other tracks to come.

iSHi’s instrumental rolls out of the speakers like a marching pattern signaling for war. Though it’s not bass heavy, it is drum heavy, and in a very tasteful way. With high-grinding chords and signature squeals, the instrumental’s familiar to iSHi’s style while still being adventurous. The beat swings after the first hook and acts as the bridge to tie the verses together, winding up with a sweet, manipulated croon.

Entertainment’s weaved in his lyricism as much as it is in his instrumental. Proper flow, delivery, and cleverness is illustrated with lines like “I could never take an L/I’m in between a U and a W/I’m like the letter V though” and “Eagle killed my dog don’t need to hit Michael Vick up.” iSHi’s come-up is further described through his lyricism and while that motif is nothing new, the delivery and flow within is.

The Swedish Music Artist isn’t a superstar but his resume displays his behind the shadows work and says otherwise; iSHi has worked with artists like Lupe Fiasco, Tinie Tempah, and Alexandra Burke. His experience and time with other superstars provides iSHi the network to achieve that status. iSHi has also worked with artists like Raekwon, French Montana, and Wale in “We Run” and Pusha T in “Push it.” Even if iSHi’s past shows that he’s more comfortable with working behind the scenes rather than taking the spotlight, this past year has provided us with different results. “Grace” is a good indicator of what’s to come this summer, so stay tuned as the Swedish Producer intends to drop more.


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