Bryson Tiller – T R A P S O U L Review

Bryson Tiller - T R A P S O U L
Bryson Tiller - T R A P S O U L

Bryson Tiller has the multiple YouTube videos with millions of views, a top 100 Billboard single, and the co-signs of Timbaland and the ever elusive OVO tastemakers; So why is his name so unfamiliar to most of us?

Tiller’s new album T R A P S O U L aims to change that. A smooth combination of heavy low ends and an ear for melodies helps Tiller separate himself from the other rappers and singers that have been so popular lately. While comparisons will inevitably be drawn to OVO signee PARTYNEXTDOOR and artists like Jeremih or Fetty Wap, Tiller manages to establish a lane of his own. “Rambo” is a harder song than you’ll hear from any of his contemporaries, replete with the simple piano riff and AutoTune of Atlanta making a classic trap hook.

Of course, an album called T R A P S O U L wouldn’t be complete without its share of smooth cuts as well; the lead single from the project “Don’t” is Tiller at his butteriest. From this song it’s easy to tell why Drake offered Tiller a deal to sign onto his OVO record label; it’s also easy to see why Tiller chose to sign with RCA instead of getting pigeon-holed into the OVO brand. The influences of Houston and Toronto are both evident on T R A P S O U L and with Tiller opting to sign to RCA instead of OVO, it’ll be interesting to see where his sound goes from here.

The vibe is incredible throughout the project, and while the standout tracks on this album are easy to pick out, many songs end up sounding largely alike. Most of the songs on the project can be grouped in either “Singing Bryson” or “Rapping Bryson.” On “Been That Way,” the singing is straight melody throughout the entire song; more traditional R’n’B fare is the general theme of the album with “Overtime” and “Right My Wrongs” closing the album behind “Been That Way.”

In all, the album stands out from others in hip-hop because of the subject matter that Tiller spends most of his time addressing; less sexual the PARTYNEXTDOOR, more straight edge than The Weeknd, and far better at singing about his insecurities than Drake. Plus, how cool is it that he got the actual Real Life Rambo to plug his track?

T R A P S O U L is exactly what it promises. The album tries to close the ever shrinking gap between hip-hop, rhythm, and blues in its own unique way; the transition from the “Intro” track into the first real song, “Let Em Know” is a clean mix of rapping and singing that you’re going to be hearing a lot of in the future. You can stream T R A P S O U L below and be sure to catch Tiller on his upcoming tour with stops in NYC on 10/21 and LA on 10/26.

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