Take an “Eye For an Eye” with SiDizen King

SiDizen King has been on fire lately. Last time we heard a new track of his was for his mix of The Chainsmokers‘ “Don’t Let Me Down.” That track went on to reign king of the internet and received love from the Chainsmokers themselves. From his previous work, we know Sid isn’t afraid to step out of the box and on his new joint “Eye For an Eye,” he further broadens his already wide range.

It’s the Tour De France any time I handle bars bro / (It was) New years Eve, so I couldn’t drop the ball (Nope) / PYT how she had me “Off The Wall” though / (I) Swear a good girl’s hard to find like Waldo

Smooth wordplay and Buttery Instrumentals

With the help of funk band The Strike, “Eye For an Eye” has chart-topper written all over it. Sid did his best to infuse rap, pop, and funk into one hell of a song that you can’t help but get up and move to. The lyricism runs strong throughout the four minutes as Sid displays clever punchlines and wordplay. “We ain’t never working out, Like Rosie O’,” Sid raps as he divulges how this relationship is killing him yet he can’t get enough of it. Ultimately in the end, he wants to settle the score for the beating his heart has taken. The hook is absolute butter as it meanders smoothly over the Nate Pyfer produced uptempo beat. Sid has switched up his style throughout his growing career and “Eye For an Eye” is another prime example of that. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this track burst onto the airwaves with its ability for crossover play.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; SiDizen King is a guy to keep an eye out for. Don’t take our words for it? Just listen to “Eye For an Eye” below and find out for yourself:

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