Talk some (Bleep) with Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman, the veteran Queens rapper, is preparing to drop his third album, Kindness for Weakness, on May 6th. The album title comes from from Sandman himself, saying “Mistaking kindness for weakness is a weakness I need to have more kindness for.” The album will have features from Aesop Rock, Mystro, and more. In light of this upcoming project Sandman has dropped the single “Talk some (Bleep),” and the most refreshing part is it doesn’t sound like anything on the radio right now.

The album is all about Sandman confronting his personal issues and “Talk some (Bleep)” falls right into that theme. On this track, Sandman confronts all the kinds of people he meets, such as annoying fans or love struck girls, and vents how he really feels over the psychedelic production. The opening to the track sounds like an old Tribe cut and feels like a throwback to the ages of funk with its groovy boom-bap feel. There’s greatness in the raw emotion behind Sandman’s expression, delivering with a flow that feels more like slam poetry than rap. Feelings on feelings get poured out over the synths, and Sandman is letting those people know that at some point he really just stops hearing you and won’t let the negative vibes consume his lifestyle.

Like yo, I’m waiting for another jam exactly like this one / Son, I don’t make the same jam or record twice / I am way too nice

Just basing the album solely off this track it would appear Homeboy Sandman is treating us to a unique collection of sound, and it wouldn’t be wise to sleep on this. Kindness for Weakness drops May 6th, and you can listen to “Talk some (Bleep)” below. Let us know what you think of the track in the comments section and check True Too for your latest music updates.

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