Thatshymn offers his “Therapy”

Rappers that get on your radar out of nowhere are the best. Thatshymn is certainly no different. After the mysterious figure received some kind words from Zane Lowe about his music, it seems things can only go up for this newcomer.

We can leave the town in the Benz or Rari

His latest track, “Therapy,” is produced by SaidBySed and is a straight HEATER. Hymn has a natural ability to transfer from singing to rapping seamlessly. It’s clear from listening that there’s definitely a star on our hands here. Hymn’s got a confidence on the mic that shines out through his music. He opens “Therapy” like this: “My bitch is bossy, my bitch is flossy, so get up off me,” which rolls out off his tongue in the perfect way, making for the perfect attention grabber.

Hymn is letting his girl know that anytime she needs him, he’s right there to give some of his special therapy. Thatshymn is tapping into moods and emotions to help relay his music, and he does it exceptionally well. This goes for “Therapy” and his previous release “I Know.” While no one knows much about Thatshymn just yet, it’s only a matter of time before we do.

Get this man on your radar immediately and take a listen to “Therapy” below:

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