The Doppelgangaz Drop H.I.T.H.

DoppelGangaz - H.I.T.H
DoppelGangaz - H.I.T.H

Expected to be on their upcoming album, The Doppelgangaz drop “H.I.T.H.,” a second look at their next release Beats for Brothels Vol. 3.  Needing another hole in the head, the sharks of New York illustrate their struggles through verse and hook like hammer and anvil with:

Sometimes a ganga better off dead/
Need it like I need another hole in the head/
A ganga been bred to survive with no spread/
Sometimes a ganga better off dead

With a killer double entendre in the hook, the xylophones looped in the back of the instrumental help guide the melody along making “H.I.T.H.” a savory and exciting sample from BFB III.

Listen to H.I.T.H below, as well as their first single, “Gangaz 4 Life” expected to be on Beats for Brothels Vol. 3 coming soon. For more on The Doppelgangaz and hip-hop, read on here at TrueToo.

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