The Media Coerced the Action Bronson Ghostface Killah Beef

Ghostface and Action

If you follow hip hop, I’m sure that you’ve seen this video of Ghostface Killah calling out Action Bronson for his comments on SportsNation.


Action essentially sneaks a diss in when saying “He’s not rapping like this no more. Just being honest.” Ouch. Yes, that one was probably not the best thing to say about a rap legend on national television. While there are some instant classic quotes from Ghostface’s response like, “Don’t let me hang you from a fuckin’ rope and gut you like a pig, nigga.” or “I got those type of (shooters) niggas that would do disappearing acts for nothin’…I know the tour schedule,” it wasn’t always the case that Ghostface and Action beefed.

When previously asked about said comparisons, Ghostface responded: “I mean, I thought he was me one day.” and “If that’s his voice, then what the fuck you ‘sposed to do?.”  Ghostface continued and went on as far as to say that he mistook Action for himself on a verse.


In fact, Action pays homage to the greats that came before him, such as Ghostface. When asked how he feels about these comparisons to Ghostface, Action (in the same ESPN bit) responded first with “I’m just glad it’s one of the greats”.



The media has been asking about him and Ghostface since Action first came out in 2009 with the Bon Appetit mixtape. And while I don’t condone what he said, I believe it’s a reflection of frustration after having to respond and justify himself time after time, when they don’t even have the same style, whatsoever. It is completely possible to enjoy both artists’ music, but the media garners more attention when people fight. This beef started because the media capitalized on a previously touchy subject, asking questions that resembled: “who’s the better rapper, or did you copy him?” This will indubitably receive more attention than something along the lines of “yeah, he influenced me, our voices sound similar, and I respect his style; end of conversation.”




I like Ghosftface Killah. I like Action Bronson. I think that they both bring something unique to the hip hop table. Given what the featured picture displays, I think that they could have been good friends, both coming from New York. Ridiculous, media-fabricated altercations like this need to stop. The culture needs to stand united; we all love hip hop. Why can’t everybody just love everybody.

Regardless, the moral of the story remains; Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ ta fuck wit. Pay it forward to your elders, youngin’s.