Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’ Staircase

Four years. Four years, one month, and eight days since Frank Ocean dropped Channel Orange; an album that has since gone down in history, all while Frank slowly slipped into some alternate dimension where time meant nothing and perfection meant everything. Who’s really counting? We were finally given a live stream on Frank’s site on August 1st…Of him building some shit despite the eternity of teases, hints, tips, conspiracy theories, and library cards. While that may seem underwhelming, in reality, it was super exciting to see the man himself live in action doing anything. Hell, I would have watched a loop of Frank eating the same bowl of cereal for hours if it meant possible insight into his long awaited album Boys Don’t Cry.

Built in Mystery

Apple Music streamed Frank cutting wood and it didn’t matter if that’s all he was doing; the world blew up. The album was set to release August 5th. Yet the 5th came and went while both the stream and Frank again slipped away into meaninglessness. This dude is harder to keep track of than Jason Bourne. No activity resumed on the site which resulted into an epic heartbreaker – until yesterday. Frank was back to his old carpentry ways except this time in the background actual new Frank Ocean music played for the world to hear. In a wild turn of events Frank ended up dropping a visual album that night titled Endless, which is now available on Apple Music. So no, we don’t have Boys Don’t Cry. We got something better.


Endless shows Frank in the same warehouse setting seen in the first live stream, working on whatever the hell it is he had been working on. This time, though, multiple Franks appeared on camera. I know what you’re thinking, “TWO FRANKS!? THERE’S TWO MUSICAL GODS IN ONE VISUAL?” Yeah, sometimes even three. Strangely enough, the music sounded incredible paired with these interesting visuals and angles of Frank woodworking. By the end, Ocean erects a full on badass spiral staircase. If someone would have told me that’s what Frank was building two weeks ago I would have thought they were insane. But boy a staircase has never looked so dope. Frank begins to walk up the stairs at the end before the music abruptly stops, taking us back to the beginning where the track “Device Control” plays out fully, capturing the theme of Endless.

Here are the album credits that rolled at the end of the visual:
credits 1

credits 2

Reps from Apple Music have been saying there is still another entirely different album that should be released this weekend. Rumors have also been swirling that Boys Don’t Cry will no longer be the title. While Frank has come through with new music, it wouldn’t be wise to get too excited or hopeful for a whole other album judging from what we’ve seen this last few years. Just be patient and happy when the music does get here. As fellow True Too writer CJ Maruyama said, “I won’t believe it’s out until it’s literally in my face.”

Apple Music subscribers can stream the visual album here or watch below.

Frank Ocean – Endless (Visual Album) from Christian Ghidini on Vimeo.

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