The World Is In Saba’s Hands

PIVOT! If by now you don’t know who Saba is you might have to rethink your priorities as a hip-hop fan. Other than being Chance the Rappers lone feature and dancing partner in the video for “Angels“, Saba is also a another notable up-and-coming Chicago rapper and possible XXL Freshman. The 21 year old is currently on his first international tour with Jazz Cartier, and before his two shows in London tonight he decided to drop a new track titled “World In My Hands” featuring Smino and LEGIT, that premiered on i-D. With this release Saba’s case for making XXL is even stronger. The track feels like a smooth breeze rolling along, creating a sense of pride and belief in the listener.

Filled with hard hitting and crispy snares, Saba raps quickly over the enlightening and uplifting track. Saba is embracing everything in his life, showing the world is his for the taking. The day-dreams he had growing up are now becoming a reality, or at the very least are obtainable and in his grasp. This is a nice change of pace from Saba’s last release, “Soap Box,” and show his growing versatility as a young artist, which proves to be important if you want to find longevity in the game. With the changing of the Mid-West seasons, Saba is capturing the essence of summertime Chi, a city that has been booming with beautiful music as of late.

Daydreaming is real when we wake up / Gave my all but can’t say I gave up / They wonder what these dreams are made of

If you need that daily pick-me-up this is the track for you, take a listen to “World In My Hands” below and make the most of your time everyday. Be sure to keep an eye out for Saba’s full length project later this year and let us know what you think of the track in the comments section.