theMIND Takes Us to Summer Camp

You may not have ever been aware of theMIND but trust me, you will soon. TheMIND has finally released his first solo project titled Summer Camp out now on SoundCloud. The Chicago native’s spent a lot of his time featuring vocals on many other artist’s tracks such as Mick Jenkin’s latest “Sunkissed” and “Dehydration,” Kirk Knight’s “One Knight” and “The Future,” and much more. Along with being a part of the producing group THEMpeople, his efforts provide evidence of his ability to make great hooks and soulful verses. TheMIND’s been putting nothing but work in and fans are excited to hear what he has to offer on his first solo project. A couple months ago fans could see the precursors of a tape in the making with “Mercury Rising,” a song that solidified the fact that theMIND can stand on his own and prosper. Refreshing and in time for the summer, listen to Summer Camp below on Soundcloud.

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