Origin’s This Far EP Review

Born in London, up and coming rapper Origin is coming off the release of his latest EP, This Far. The EP’s highlights include Origin’s ability to produce and utilize samples to their fullest, but also contains lowlights like Origin’s weak lyrical content that can sometimes be downright uncomfortable. Together, the tracks form a cohesively bright project that is great for cruising in the whip on a sunny spring day.

Origin’ flexes his production chops on This Far, as he establishes his own style incorporating a beautiful mix of synths and boom-bap style drums on nearly every track. Songs like “Good Morning,” “Janet,” and “Blessed” showcase this production style, and are easily the best songs on the EP. Even when he steps out of his producing comfort zone he lands on his feet. “Good Plates” is his version of a banger, and while the lyrics may be a little stale, the beat absolutely slaps. The hard hitting bass mixed with the angelic voice sampled overtop makes this one of the hardest songs of 2016.

While the project shows a lot of promise for Origin, it isn’t all great. His lyrical content falls flat a lot and can be just too much at times. On the song “Good Morning” he raps about getting a blow job with a condom on and with a convincing moan afterwards, Origin leads us down an uncomfortable path. He also struggles when it comes to creating a hook, with the song “Good Plates” being a fine example: “Mother, If I don’t make home for dinner/Just know that I’m with all my niggas/Put a picture in my place/And set the table with the good plates.” While the intended delivery of him dying and his mom lamenting over his absence would be understandable in some respects, it sounds as if Origin just simply needed something to rhyme with good plates. This brings the effect of turning the hook from a normal one, to an odd one.

He also has this tendency to say things that are “deep” or “real,” but in reality, are just lame. His song “WiFi” is an overused social commentary about how we as a people use our phones too much. Origin’ tries to show how the internet and media in general control society’s thoughts, but he just ends up saying what we already know, that people spend too much time “connected.”

This Far
has highs and lows, like any project. While Origin’s production is interesting, sometimes his lyrics can become stale and downright uncomfortable. The EP shows promise though, and I truly believe that Origin is going to make a splash in the London scene.

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