This isn’t “As Far As It Goes” With Brandon Stoehr

Seattle rapper Brandon Stoehr is trying to make it on the fast track to stardom. With hints of Logic and Big Sean scattered throughout his skill set and a steady fan base surrounding him, Stoehr recently dropped a 14-track mixtape titled As Far As It Goes.

The opening track is titled “Told Em One Day” and is Stoehr’s very own  “Donald Trump” move, much like a young Mac Miller once trying to prove himself. His delivery can’t be denied. Stoehr possesses a certain finesse that not a lot of young artists can hold, reminding everyone that he’s gonna make it in the game. The following track, “Noon to Six,” is a popular hit amongst listeners as the music video has almost garnered 37,000 views in a month. The track’s all about that grind and work ethic Stoehr possesses, expanding on his confidence early on in the tape as he spits lines like “mixtape already a classic / only two songs innn.”

Check the video below:

The production throughout As Far As It Goes remains heavy-hitting heavy, giving Stoehr a chance to flaunt his fast-action raps. You can try and fight it, but all the beats turn you into L.A. Reid over here:
The first time I noticed a switch up in the style of production was on “Cost Of Freedom.” While it still bangs hard with bass produced by Taz Taylor, this is a slower cut from the rapper. This is Stoehr’s way of addressing issues in America’s socio-economics such as inflation, murder, debt, the government, etc. It’s nice to see Stoehr with the ability to touch on broader subjects other than his talents and grind to make it in the rap game. However, this tape is essentially an ode to the latter, as he serves his skills up to us on a silver platter. (<–Bars.)

Every rapper on the come up usually has to emphasize their braggadocios rhymes as a “look at me, I can do this” plea. While this can become repetitive or contrived after a certain amount of time, with Stoehr I don’t hate it. The man is confident in his skills and backs up the talk throughout the tape. This theme is especially admirable on “Don’t Stop,” addressing others who want to chase their dreams but might give in to the critics. He gives people the hope to stand up and proudly say “fuck you.”

On As Far As It Goes, Stoehr embraces his role of being the underdog. Just like in sports, you can’t help but root for him as you feed off of Stoehr’s vibe. Clearly, there is talent here. A talent that has room for growth, which is a good sign. Stoehr needs to be able to build off of his already polished skills and step out with more variety among tracks, developing his artistry from more than just being this kid who can rap. Stoehr defines a well-executed, great, and cohesive mixtape making it more than just 14-tracks thrown together. It’s a statement. This is the type of tape he needed to build some more buzz, by showing people what he can do right now in this moment. Judging by his early signs of talent, this won’t be as far as it goes for Brandon Stoehr.

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