Today in Hip Hop History: Chad Hugo’s Birthday

Today in Hip Hop History: Chad Hugo Birthday
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Today in Hip Hop History: February 24, 1974

Happy Birthday Charles “Chad” Hugo, one half of the production team The Neptunes and member of N.E.R.D. Chad is of Filipino descent and grew up in Virginia, meeting long-time music partner Pharrell Williams in their grade school band class.

Since then, the duo known as The Neptunes has produced numerous hit tracks featuring artists such as Clipse (Pusha T + No Malice), Jay Z, Mystikal, Kelis, ODB, Prince, Ludacris and several others. The duo secured “Producers of the Year” at both The Source Awards and The Billboard Music Awards in 2002. The next year they released their debut album, The Neptunes Presents…Clones.

In addition to his most famous work with Pharrell, Chad has produced for K-pop group Red Velvet, he has assembled a DJ team Missile Command, and has done solo production for Earl SweatshirtThe InternetiAmSu! and HBK P-Lo.

Despite an underwhelming amount of solo attention when compared to his frequent partner Pharrell, Chad emerged as one of the premier producers of the late 90’s and early-to-mid 00’s. His work behind the scenes of many popular songs of the time underlies the legacy of that era’s sound.