Today in Hip Hop History: Making Trouble

Today in Hip Hop History: Making Trouble Geto Boys
Making Trouble (1998)

Today in Hip Hop History: February 17, 1988

The Houston-based hip hop group Geto Boys released their debut album, Making Trouble, through Rap-a-Lot Records in 1988. As is seen in the album cover, the group at the time stylistically resembled that of Run-D.M.C., both in music and appearance.

Originally, the Geto Boys consisted of Bushwick Bill, DJ Ready Red, Sire Jukebox and Prince Johnny C on Making Trouble. However, after their debut, Rap-a-Lot Records dropped the latter two members in favor of Scarface and Willie D, who indubitably had more success within the group.

Despite being largely known for their hardcore and horrorcore raps later in their career, Making Trouble saw the group emerge as more of a archetypal Golden Age rap group. Regardless, they foreshadowed some hardcore elements throughout the album, most notably on their track “Assassins,” which has been cited as possibly the first horrorcore song ever released.

Making Trouble was also one of the first major hip hop records to come from the South. The “crossover [sound] between Run-D.M.C. and Kool Moe Dee” on the project provided the Geto Boys with the attention of famous rap producer Rick Rubin, who further mentored the group into their success in the early 90’s.

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