Today in Hip-Hop History: MF Doom’s 46th Birthday

MF Doom

Today in Hip-Hop History: January 9th, 1971

Today in hip-hop history marks Daniel Dumile aka MF Doom‘s 46th birthday. A modern pioneer of rap, MF Doom is notably most known for his elaborate wordplay and aesthetic that he carries himself with. The British-American artist has over fifty projects in his discography. MF Doom has also worked with titans within the hip hop community such as Madlib and DANGERMOUSE, creating the albums Madvilliany and DANGERDOOM respectively. Other notable albums that come from him are his debut album Operation Doomsday and Mm..Food. Dumile first started freestyling at open-mics anonymously in Manhattan by wearing a stocking over his head. His personality grew over time to what it became today, where he now dons the signature Dr. Doom mask taken from the villain Viktor Vaughn Doom in Marvel comics.

Most recently, MF Doom has collaborated with artists like Flying Lotus, Bishop Nehru, and Earl Sweatshirt, and Thundercat. It’d be a waste of time to dismiss the elaborate and fantastic MF DOOM, so in honor of his birthday please take the time to listen to someone who has given hip-hop so much below.

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