Fairly Odd-Desiigner

Artwork via TrueToo
Artwork via TrueToo

If you haven’t heard his name, you’ve definitely at least heard his song “Panda.” Thats right, I’m talking about Desiigner. The young man seems to have blown up out of nowhere. I mean getting signed by G.O.O.D Music and getting a feature on Kanye’s album The Life Of Pablo definitely doesn’t hurt that exposure. And neither does becoming an XXL Freshman. With this “prestigious” accolade comes interview time, and more importantly, a personal freestyle and a group cypher. While the cypher won’t be out for a little while, a few freestyles have been dropped from this year’s Freshman class, including Desiigner. His approach to his freestyle was unorthodox to say the least but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t eye-opening:

Yo. You hear those harmonies? It could just be the fantastic acoustics in the room, but I’m pretty sure Desiigner just pulled out the best trick in his bag, his vocal pipes (Watch out Drake.) While Anderson .Paak has been a strong fan favorite freestyle so far among the Freshman, Desiigner is contending for that top spot right with him, while Kodak Black seemingly has taken the L for the whole thing. Desiigner’s unique take has caused so much buzz among artists on the internet that fellow Freshman have tweeted him about how fire it was, and other artists have remixed it into their own versions. Here’s some of our favorite mixes:




Natsu Fuji

Jeremy Uwah



There are clearly a lot of different approaches to using this insanely catchy hook, as it appears anything Desiigner does just creates an infectious buzz. He made sure to grant all of our wishes by finally releasing some new music, as Desiigner’s first mixtape New English just dropped today and is available for download or stream via Tidal. Be sure to check that out if you have also come down with Desiigner-Fever.

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