Timmy Turner Is Finally Here

Earlier this summer Desiigner blessed us with an XXL Freshman Freestyle that changed everything. It turned heads and shook the hip-hop universe. For a moment people started to realize the young artist has more to offer than just a bunch of knock off Future tracks. The freestyle, named “Timmy Turner,” gained so much popularity that other rappers threw praise Desiigner’s way and remixes were popping up all over, like the ones featured here. Desiigner had already broken the internet with his song “Panda,” and he did it once again with only a 40 second hook.

However, nothing notable came of the fire freestyle for quite some time. Teases of Periscope sessions with Mike Dean and a tweet that revealed “Timmy” would arrive that night, despite its failure to do so, have all led to this moment in history. Finally, after a tear-jerking wait, Desiigner has graced us with the full song. The track comes with some interesting yet beautiful artwork that fits along with the cover of his New English mixtape, which was released earlier this summer. Desiigner flexes his vocal chops all over the four minute, slow-roasted banger, and the production is riddled with classic Mike Dean synths and keys. It’s insanely satisfying to hear Desiigner finally croon “Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner” over finished and expertly polished production. And don’t worry, Desiigner’s classic ad-libs are still peppered throughout the track keeping up the high energy persona he has become known for.

“Timmy Turner” has been officially released via YouTube for now, and there’s no word yet on when this new single will hit streaming services. Has Desiigner found a way to distance himself from comparisons with his contemporary Future? He definitely makes a strong case with this one, but be sure to let us know where you stand on that in the comments section. Whether or not you think so, it’s a relief to finally have “Timmy” in rotation.

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