XXL Freshman Tink Drops Two New Tracks

We’re big fans of Tink.  In fact, out of anyone on XXL’s Freshman List this year, she’s one of the few that shine out.  Yet another huge talent coming out of Chicago, Tink already has five mixtapes out, and as of Halloween, another two scorching tracks with Timbaland.

Dubbed “Trust No One,” the first of these Timbo-produced joints bounces and wobbles unsettlingly as Tink scathingly cuts into her detractors over the course of two short verses.  Scared they should be, because linking up with Timbaland is a very promising sign indeed for any young artist.

Dinero” marks a complete change in direction, a smoother R&B song that makes excellent use of Tink’s fantastic singing voice and Timbaland’s bouncy production.  Crooning about her love for money, it marks a complete change in style from the sinister rhetoric about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer we saw in “Trust No One.”

Think Tink, her debut album, is scheduled to be released before the end of this year, and with this new track we’re thirstier than ever before.

If you’re as impressed as we are by the duality between these two songs, check out our essential guide to Tink.

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