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There’s been an emergence of a new echelon of rappers coming up the last couple years. I’m talking about Lil Uzi Vert, KYLE, Saba, guys like that. There’s been plenty of names that seem to blow up for a second but don’t stick around as well. Once you get to reach that viral level, keeping your longevity is a totally different challenge. If there’s an artist that can join this wave and stay relevant, I’d put my money on Chicago’s Tobi Lou.

Tobi just dropped off what he is calling his first series, Tobi Lou and the Moon. This included a couple short videos in partnership with director/producer Glassface, who you might remember for directing Lil Yachty’s “1 NIGHT” video, plus much more. Tobi had previously worked with Glassface for his absolutely gorgeous “Game Ova” video.

Tobi Lou and the Moon is a three track project that is vibrant and playful. The first track is “Solange” that opens with the line “I quit my job on a Monday,” as Tobi has declared himself to be all in on this music thing. Which, is a smart decision. He’s pretty good at it. Tobi also raps “Water beam that hoe” which might be the best line of 2018. Following “Solange” is “Lounar,” a song dealing with the complications of life and love as Tobi raps along with a stumbling flow, symbolizing the topsy-turvy way our heart works.

The closing track, “Sailor,” is a mega hit. This is the type of jam you dance around the house to and just lose yourself in. The videos in the series have gave some sneak peaks as to what might be coming from Tobi in 2018. He’s teased his song “Troop” in both visuals, and then there’s the ever mysterious track “Numbers” that could maybe see the light of day. With this nonstop output, it seems like he’s building up steam to drop a full length project of some sorts. While this is just a small sample of work, the creativity it shows is a big leap from what most artists put out.

Whatever the case, Tobi Lou has his fingers on the pulse of 2018. This is going to be his breakout year and he’s doing it in his own way.

Stream Tobi Lou and the Moon below, and then read our Q&A with Tobi right here.

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