Today in Hip Hop History: Praise Yeezus

It was on this holiest of holy days that Donda West, mother of a legend, gave birth to her son that would go on to be known by many names: Yeezy, Ye, the Louis Vuitton Don. But really there is only one name he needs, and that is Kanye West. Yes, ladies and gentleman, today is the start of Mr. West’s 39th year on this planet, one that seems barely able to contain him as the years go on.

It’s incredible to look back on Yeezy’s life and see how far he’s come in the present. It’s truly an incredible feat to go from doing “five beats a day for three Summers” to designing clothes coveted by millions world-wide. Not to mention Ye’s also coming off the heels of his seventh (ninth counting Cruel Summer and Watch The Throne) hit album. The perpetual motion machine that is Kanye is most definitely not stopping there either; the man has not only teased an upcoming Summer album titled TurboGraffix 16, but just this past week he has shared the first song off the follow up to Cruel Summer, Cruel Winter. Kanye clearly deserves all the praise that he has garnered thus far in his illustrious career.

How much longer will this last? Dad-Ye is alive and real now with two kids and a wife all entrenched in the media spotlight. Visionaries have to have some sort of limit too. Another year and Ye will reach 40, an age some would refer to as the beginning of the end. Of course there are other rappers out there who have already surpassed Kanye in age and are continuing to make new music. Ye, however, is braced to shatter all expectations that come with being a 40 year old rapper; despite the massive amount of pressure leveled onto his shoulders, Kanye will undoubtedly persevere and continue to release quality art until he finally implodes into the most fantastical supernova the world has ever seen. So happy Ye-Day y’all, party like you’re Kanye and stay tuned to True Too for all of your Hip hop needs.

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