Today in Hip-Hop History: Snoop’s Fourth Album

Snoop Dogg’s prolific body of work is put into perspective when you consider Dr. Dre responsible for bringing Snoop into the limelight, with Snoop only having three solo studio albums in his discography. This is nothing to mock of course as they’re all great, but knowing that Snoop put out his fourth album in 1999 just goes to show you how much time the Dogg puts into his craft. No Limit Top Dogg was released on this date 17 years ago and it was far from the last, as Snoop just released his most recent studio album, Bush, last year. The man is a machine that can not be stopped.

NLTD was Snoop’s second album under his second label, Master P‘s No Limit Records, after leaving Death Row because of financial issues. Dr. Dre, KLC, and Master P all had a hand in the production of the album alongside Snoop himself, creating another slew of seductive hits to nod your head to. NLTD was Snoop’s first album to debut at number two on the Billboard 200, with all of his previous works having debuted at number one. This can most likely be contributed to the competition with budding Puerto Rican crooner Ricky Martin who was starting to gain heavy traction in the States.

The album was preceded by its two singles. With “Bitch Please” featured by Xibit and Nate Dogg being a huge hit, the single eventually gained a sequel in “Bitch Please II” courtesy of Eminem off of The Marshall Mathers LP. “G Bedtime Stories” was the second of the two singles and shared an equal amount of success. Snoop Dogg continues to create new music and is sure to have quite the impressive discography whenever he decides his career is finished. Make sure to throw No Limit Top Dogg into your daily rotation. Bump some of those classic West Coast jams on this fine Wednesday and continue to check back at True Too for all of your hip-hop needs.

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