Today in Hip Hop History: Entroducing….. shadow

Today in Hip Hop History: November 19, 1996

DJ Shadow released his debut album, Endtroducing….., through Mo’ Wax in 1996. DJ Shadow is an important figure in instrumental hip hop for his sampling methods and experimentation. He grew up in Hayward, California and moved to Davis to become a radio disc jockey for the university, where he began his musical career.

DJ Shadow produced his debut album himself with outside help from outside producer Dan The Automator. The album “sounded like nothing else at the time of its release.” Using his extensive knowledge and crate of LPs, DJ Shadow comprised 64 minutes of instrumental hip hop genius.

The DJ promoted his album using interviews and press appearances in order to push up his exposure. His self-reflection upon the project resonates humility and eloquent: “some weird roller coaster ride” and “people always seem to suggest that there’s this pressure, and that Endtroducing….. is some kind of albatross, and I’ve just honestly never felt that way.”

Entroducing….. has several accolades since its original conception in 1996. Several renowned publications have labelled it within their top albums of the 1990’s. The book of Guinness World Records cited the album as “the first album to be recorded using only sampled sounds.” A benchmark. Revolutionary. Influence on classic rock album OK Computer. This, alongside several more revering words, have all been said about DJ Shadow’s debut album. Happy 19th birthday Entroducing…..!

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