Today in Hip Hop History: Bravehearted

Today in Hip Hop History: Bravehearts released Bravehearted in 2003.
Bravehearted (2003)

Today in Hip Hop History: December 23, 2003

Queensbridge-based hip hop group Bravehearts released their debut album, Bravehearted, through Ill Will Records and Columbia Records in 2000. The Bravehearts consisted of Jungle, Nas‘ younger brother, and Wiz, both of whom comprised the duo at the time. Previously, the group included Horse, and now, Nashawn has replaced Wiz within Bravehearts.

Bravehearted was the only other LP released on Ill Will Records that was not a strictly Nas project. The album featured production from Lil Jon, Nas, Midi Mafia, Neo, Swizz Beatz and others. It contained outside vocal contributions from Nas, Lil Jon, Jully Black and Teedra Moses.

The album spawned the hit single, “Quick to Back Down (Featuring Nas & Lil Jon),” which was a subliminal diss towards Jay-Z and his crew. The song featured on the NFL Street video game soundtrack in 2004.

Bravehearted did not excel commercially due to its insignificant promotion and polarizing hardcore lyricism. The album received critical reviews and was labeled as essentially “a Nas EP.” The group followed up their debut effort with Bravehearted 2 in 2008.

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