Today in Hip Hop History: Cypress Hill

Today in Hip Hop History: Cypress Hill (1991)
Today in Hip Hop History: Cypress Hill (1991)

Today in Hip Hop History: August 13, 1991

Latin American hip hop group Cypress Hill released their self-titled debut album through Ruffhouse Records in 1991. The album is completely produced by the group’s own DJ Muggs and the album contains no outside features. Thus, Cypress Hill was the essence of a hip hop group debut in its truest form.

The album contained singles “How I Could Just Kill a Man”, “The Phuncky Feel One”, “Hand on the Pump”, “Latin Pigs”, in addition to hits “Pigs” and “Light Another”. These songs are all considered Cypress Hill classics.

The raw, gritty production by Muggs, in conjunction with the high-pitched nasally vocals of B-Real and low-pitched, gangsta thug vocals of hype man/rapper Sen Dog, brought a unique style to hip hop; the group would have a significant influence on the Latino community. As portrayed in “Latin Lingo”, they could rap in both English and Spanish, forming a liaison between the dichotomy of the two languages.

Additionally, Cypress Hill is broken down track-by-track by the group themselves in Brian Coleman’s book Check the TechniqueIt peaked at #31 on the Billboard 200 and #4 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Album charts. It was critically and commercially their second most successful album, behind the incredibly successful sophomore effort, Black Sunday. Cypress Hill sold over 2 million copies and is RIAA certified double Platinum.