Today in Hip-Hop History: Happy Birthday Mos Def!

Mos Def

Today in Hip-Hop History: December 11th, 1973

Mos Def’s 42nd Birthday


Happy Birthday, Yasiin!  Today in Hip-Hop History marks Mos Def’s 42nd birthday. Part of the Soulquarian movement, Yasiin Bey, most notably as Mos Def, is a force to be reckoned with. An actor, writer, and political activist, his introspective contributions to the art have constantly questioned humanity in movement, and at times, Yasiin goes beyond the art of hip-hop to question humanity at a much darker scale.

Yasiin Bey was born in Brooklyn, New York during the year of 1973. His hip-hop career started in 1994, creating a rap group with his siblings titled Urban Thermo Dynamics (UTD). Since then, the amount of illustrious work Yasiin has left us is wondrous beyond measure. In 1998, Mos Def worked with Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek to create Black Star. Within a year he released Black on Both Sides, his debut solo album with Rawkus Records. Both albums are definite gems within the historical mines of hip-hop, and with six studio albums, all of them deserve to have a chance to be listened to.