Today in Hip-Hop History: Immortal Technique’s Revolutionary Vol. 2

Revolutionary Vol. 2

Today In Hip-Hop History November 18th, 2015
Revolutionary Vol. 2 by Immortal Technique

Today marks the 12 year anniversary of Immortal Technique’s second studio album release Revolutionary Vol. 2. Politically charged and visceral to the core, Revolutionary Vol. 2 was released during the time US Armed Forces were making moves in the middle-east. Issues discussed in the album ranged from US hypocrisy, international relations, and slandering the Bush administration, to struggles in poverty and losing a loved one.

Immortal Technique was a heavy-hitter in the game by transferring his battle-rap skills onto tracks. With the aggressive and hungry nature in play, Immortal was the darker, and more hip-hop strung version of Rage Against the Machine. This album was fundamental to a sub-genre within hip-hop similar to the likes of Talib Kweli. This content is called socially conscious rap, or in other words, backpacking. You might’ve ran into a few people at a party who’ve said, “Nah, I only listen to real rap, none of that fake money and bitches bullshit.”

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with backpacking. Kweli and Immortal are great, and there’s definitely a time and place for it. However, there’s something definitely wrong if you’re vibing out at a party and someone puts up “Dance With The Devil” after something like “Me Myself & I.”

Enjoy Immortal for what it’s meant to be, dark, aggressive, loud, and introspective(keep it to yourself).

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