Today in Hip Hop History: Kanye West VH1 Storytellers

Today in Hip Hop History: Kanye West VH1 Storytellers
Kanye West VH1 Storytellers (2010)

Today in Hip Hop History: January 5, 2010

All hail Yeezus! 6 years ago today, Kanye West released his second live album, Kanye West VH1 Storytellers, through Jay Z‘s Roc-A-Fella Records. The album followed up Yeezy’s previous live project, Late Ochestration, which is a partial live rendition of his first two albums. Kanye West VH1 Storytellers was recorded and filmed in February of 2009 for the VH1 Storytellers music-based television series that had previously features the likes of Wyclef Jean, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Elton John, Willie Nelson and several other prominent and respected artists.

Kanye West VH1 Storytellers is a 2-part album; the first half being video footage of the performance, with acts like “Amazing,” “Touch the Sky” and “Flashing Lights,” the latter as seen below:


The second half of the live album contains the rest of the 3 hour set spliced into around 90 minutes of live Yeezus songs. The performance occurred right after he released his game-changing, unconventional and under-appreciated album 808’s & Heartbreak. It included songs from the new album in addition to tracks from Graduation and Late Registration as well.

To top it off, Yeezy provided monologues in between the songs and even participated in an Q&A at the end. While not typically a necessity in most Yeezy collections, Kanye West VH1 Storytellers is an amazing display of Yeezy at an interesting point in his life (when is he not interesting, though?). Coming off the multiple public stints and controversial statements, the rapper never seems to bore with his live performances, and this one is no exception.

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