Today in Hip Hop History: Mac Dre’s Birthday

Mac Dre's "Thizz Face"

July 5, 1970

Andre Hicks, better known as Mac Dre​ was born in Oakland in 1970. He moved to Vallejo at an early age, and grew up in the Crest Side neighborhood. Mac Dre is best known for starting Thizz Entertainment and bringing the Bay Area Hyphy movement to the hip hop mainstream. Despite having limited mainstream success, Dre was an extremely clever rapper, entrepreneur and was generally loved by everyone who knew of him.  He created the “thizz face” along with multiple other slang terms.

His rapping career spanned over the late 80s to the mid 2000s in which he made various types of hip hop music; namely, west coast gangsta rap, G-funk, hyphy music, mafiosa rap and much more. He created classics such as “Thizzelle Dance”, “Get Stupid”, “Too Hard” in addition to over 2,000 more songs in his lengthy time.

Mac Dre was a unique and charismatic personality to the rap game; through his comical rhymes and cult-like following, he established himself as the GOAT in the Bay Area rap scene. Mac Dre is likely the best rapper you’ve never heard of. Unfortunately, he was shot and killed in Kansas City after doing a show in 2004. The murder went unsolved.