Today in Hip-Hop History: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Today in Hip-Hop History: November 22nd, 2015

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Today on November 22nd marks the magnificent release and five year anniversary of Kanye West’s  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. MBDTF was considered not just another album, but an absolute work of art on all fronts. With covers and artwork done by famous artist George Condo, production and release backed by Roc-a-fella Records, and a metacritic score of 94, the evidence is clear on what to consider of this album even if you may consider it disagreeable to your musical palette.

MBDTF also spurred a spectacular program that followed to the release of the project. After four singles and a program called G.O.O.D. Friday,
Kanye went on to release a short film with the debut of his album. Questioning art and beauty within itself, the themes carried within MBDTF are plenty and provide listeners with layers of content which makes it safe to assume that this was Kanye’s Magnum Opus and a modern classic.

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