Today in Hip Hop History: None Shall Pass

Today in Hip Hop History: None Shall Pass
Today in Hip Hop History: None Shall Pass

Today in Hip Hop History: August 28, 2007

Underground legendary emcee Aesop Rock released his 5th studio album, None Shall Pass, through Definitive Jux in 2007. The alternative hip hop album was produced by Aesop himself, in addition to Blockhead, DJ Big WizRob Sonic and El-P. It featured verse from Cage, Breeze Brewin, John Darnielle, Rob Sonic and El-P as well.

None Shall Pass features 14 total songs with one hidden track, “Pigs”, which comes after the last track “Coffee”. The insanely recognizable album artwork was done by Jeremy Fish, who hails from the city of San Francisco.

Aesop Rock has always been a favorite among backpackers and underground, vinyl-collecting hip hop heads. None Shall Pass does not disappoint in this respect; it contains his typical lyricism coupled with dark, almost emo raps and luscious vocabulary (#1 in the hip hop world according to this study).

None Shall Pass “continued to throw off Aesop’s detractors” and disable most listeners from knowing what he’s even speaking on. But, it is Aesop Rock that we’re speaking on; he’s famous for adding such aspects to the hip hop world.

None Shall Pass debuted at #50 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Albums Chart, selling around 13,000 copies in its first week. It added yet another solid project to his already quality, yet very tailored discography.

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