Today in Hip Hop History: Redman’s Birthday

46 years ago on this very day, this planet was graced with the birth of Redman, one of Newark New Jersey’s favorite sons. Born Reginald Noble, the young student would be dropped from Montclair State University and move back home to his mother’s house in 1987; not too long after his mother booted him from home at the age of 18 for selling weed.

This led to the budding MC to taking his first steps into the music industry as a DJ known for freestyling over vinyls around the New Jersey and New York areas. Eventually, he was discovered by Erick Sermon, who was part of the late 80’s rap group EPMD. Not soon after being cosigned by Sermon did Redman start working on his first album, Whut? Thee Album, which was released in 1992.

From there, Redman would go on to become one of hip-hop’s seminal rappers, eventually teaming up with Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan fame to form the group Method Man & Redman. The two even broke into the film industry, starring in the main roles in How High, which has a rumored sequel on the way starring the two rappers again. Redman is also remembered for his legendary tour of his pad on the TV show MTV Cribs, in which Noble demonstrated that not all celebrities live in luxury. Also around the time of the formation of Method Man & Redman was the creation of Def Squad, which included Red alongside his old friend Erick Sermon and another of Sermon’s cohorts, Kieth Murray. They released a singular album, El Niño.

Redman has and is continuing to have a large impact on hip-hop, even being cited as Eminem’s favorite MC in his song “‘Till I Collapse.” Other than working on a How High 2 Redman has recently tested his abilities as a fashion designer, releasing a collaboration with streetwear company Mighty Healthy. Therefore, happy 46th birthday to you Redman, smoke one on us.

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