Today in Hip Hop History: Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Birthday

Sir Mix-A-Lot

August 12, 1963

Anthony Ray, most famously known for his stage name Sir Mix-A-Lot, was born in Seattle, Washington in 1963. Sir Mix-A-Lot is a rapper and producer who started rapping and making hip hop music in the early 1980’s.

Sir Mix-A-Lot began his music career creating Nastymix Record Label with his partner at the time, Nasty Nes. They released his first two albums, Swass (1988) and Seminar (1989), before he signed a record deal with Def American. Sir Mix-A-Lot then released his major record label debut, Mack Daddy, in 1992. He is most known for his cross-generational hit “Baby Got Back”, which is from Mack Daddy.

Originally, the “Baby Got Back” music video was banned from MTV due to its sexist lyrics and sexually explicit images. Regardless, the song has gone on to sell millions upon millions of records, in addition to supposedly grossing Sir Mix-A-Lot over $100 million since 1992. This is mostly due to its vast usage in pop culture, in addition to remixes of it, such as Nicki Minaj‘s “Anaconda”.

Sir Mix-A-Lot has also done acting, voice acting, announcing, narration and even starred as a DJ in Grand Theft Auto IV for “The Beat 102.7” radio station. He is a multiple RIAA platinum recording artist, and has won a Grammy Award; however, he will probably never escape the label “one hit wonder” due to the inconceivable success of “Baby Got Back”. Despite this, Sir Mix-A-Lot created one of, if not the most, fun, yet scandalous karaoke songs of all time.

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