Today in Hip-Hop History: Take Care

Take Care

Today in Hip-Hop History: Sunday, November 15th 2015

Take Care

On November 15th, 2011, Canadian artist Drake released his second studio album, Take Care. Four years later, Drake propelled himself from superstar to internet meme status.

Drake Meme

The album was received well among critics, and if anything, the album was a good foreshadowing to something that would become great. Upon the year of its release, Take Care reached the top rank on the multiple charts reaching double platinum in Canada and the United States, while reaching gold in the United Kingdom. With more than 2 million copies sold, the album would be considered the final step to make what Drake is today. The eight singles released that were tied to the album did phenomenally well-with “Take Care” and “Make Me Proud” both reaching number 9 on US Billboard. Take Care made a monumental impact in the music industry when it came to Hip-Hop and RnB, and with a credits list as large as a low budget indie film, it would be a mistake to say that all hands involved didn’t spend their effort well throughout production.

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