Today in Hip Hop History: Talib Kweli’s Birthday

Talib Kweli Birthday
Talib Kweli via

Today in Hip Hop History: October 3, 1975

Conscious hip hop artist Talib Kweli Greene was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1975. Talib Kweli is an American MC. He grew up in a house of educated parents and siblings and studied experimental theater at New York University. In 1995, Kweli made his underground rap debut with appearances on Doom, an album by Mood (Main Flow, Donte and Jahson).

He then hooked up with Mos Def and founded Black Star. The conscious duo enlisted the help of Hi-Tek to produce their only album to date, Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star. The album received phenomenal critical and commercial success. The duo then continued to focus on their respective solo careers, but still tour together to this day.

The duo of Kweli and Mos Def also organized Hip Hop for Respect, which was an assembly of 41 rappers representing the 41 times that Amadou Diallo was shot by the police. The duo did not stop there. They then contriubted to the Red Hot + Indigo compilation album, which raised money for several charities surrounding AIDS awareness and relief.

Additionally, Talib has fostered a fairly success hip hop career thus far. Consisting of 9 albums a few mixtapes, Kweli continues to impress with his politically charged and conscientious raps. He has released a slew of successful projects including Eardrum, Quality, The Beautiful Struggle and most recently Prisoner of Conscious.

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