Today in Hip-Hop History: Tha Carter II

Tha Carter II

Today in Hip-Hop History: December 6th, 2005

Tha Carter II by Lil Wayne

Today in Hip-Hop History marks the ten year anniversary of Lil Wayne’s monumental release and his fifth studio album, Tha Carter II. Receiving positive reviews from critics, the album peaked at the number 2 spot on US Billboard’s 200, and has sold 240,000 copies within its first week and since has sold over one million. An album of this caliber cemented Lil Wayne’s personality and stardom upon its release. With smooth singles, and laid-back, freestyle sounded tracks, this is arguably Lil Wayne’s Magnum Opus. Compared to his albums prior, every track was turned up a notch higher if you were to compare both the writing and production.

While we recommend listening to every album you digest front to back, we’ve highlighted some hits off Tha Carter II listed below.

True Too’s Standouts:

Track 14: Hustler Musik:

Undoubtedly the best song off the album, Wayne sounds casual and laid back over a soulful beat by Batman & T-Mix.

“I’m ahead with this one, see you fuckin’ with the boy who tote toys way before Christmas”

Track 16: Shooter:

Featuring instrumentals and vocals from Robin Thicke’s album, A Beautiful World. Wayne is pleading for the rap world to take him and all Southern rappers seriously.

“They got a whole lot to say but I don’t listen, call me Automatic Weezy, bitch, I keep spittin'”

Track 1: Tha Mobb: 

Another freestyle intro from Wayne showcasing his unmatched flow and rhyming abilities. The Heatmakerz beat complements it perfectly too. I mean, opening your album with lyrics like:

“Young Tune, the big Kahuna, it’s my ocean baby, ya’ll n*ggas just tuna”. 

Track 4: Fireman:

“And my chain Toucan Sam that tropical colours, you can’t match that, gotta be abstract, you catch my girls legs open, better smash that”

Track 21: Get Over:

This song is emotionally draining, as Wayne talks about the darker experiences in his life and the wrong choices that he’s made. The hook from Nikki complements to the feeling of the track really well. A true tear-jerker.

“I’m alright, God, shit, I’m still breathin’, but losses hurt like bullets, I’m ’bout to start bleedin’

Tha Carter II without any doubt set the bar that day.

Let us know what you think about the impact Lil Wayne made back when he was in his prime, and for more on hip-hop, keep reading on at TrueToo.