Today in Hip Hop History: The Mouse and the Mask

Today in hip hop history: The Mouse and the mask
The Mouse and the Mask

Today in Hip Hop History: October 11, 2005

10 years ago today, DANGERDOOM released their debut album, The Mouse and the Mask, through Epitaph and Lex Records. DANGERDOOM is a collaboration between MF DOOM and Danger Mouse resulting in essentially an Adult Swim Promotional Album. The Mouse and the Mask was completely produced by Danger Mouse and featured vocals from DOOM, Ghostface Killah, Cee Lo Green, Talib Kweli and several Adult Swim characters.

As mentioned, DANGERDOOM sampled numerous Adult Swim Characters within the album, including Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, Mooninites, Space Ghost, Brak and Zorak and others. The Mouse and the Mask epitomizes the comedy hip hop album with a twist of DOOM comic book rhymes schemes.

The Mouse and the Mask receieved great reviews from its repsective niche in hip hop. The album is certainly  not made for everyone, but most can respect what the duo accomplished with the project. A satirical, yet amusing concept album is the result of the interestingly stark collaboration between these two respected musicians.

Check out True Too’s review of the decade old album here and stream the album via YouTube below.

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