Chance the Rapper’s Top Ten Best Guest Verses

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Chance the Rapper is one of the most active and promising artists in the game right now. After his critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap, Chance opted to stay independent and find his own success. Along with Chicago collaborator Donnie Trumpet, Chance formed the neo-jazz/hip-hop group The Social Experiment and just released their first project Surf. Even with the high volume of self-released work, some of Chance’s best lyricism doesn’t even come from his own songs. He has been known to take over the songs that he is invited on, and if you want him on your song, you may have a chance of getting Controlled. Below are Chance the Rapper’s top ten best guest verses.

10) Wonder Years – The O’ My’s


A very common theme in rap is to make a tribute song for moms, but it’s rather rare to see a rap artist make a tribute to their father. “Wonder Years” is a sweet little ode to dads. Chance kills his verse, rapping about the type of man his father taught him to be.

9) Cold Stares – Nosaj Thing 


Chance goes in with a somber, spoken word flow. His lyrics throughout illustrate an addict trying to kick drugs.

Doctors say we believe its a problem
Possessed by a demon, they won’t leave it inside him

8)The Way – Kehlani 


This song is sexy. Period. If this song doesn’t make you want to get some booty, then I don’t know man, I just don’t know.

7) Planes (Remix) – Jeremih 


This whole remix is just great. The new production fits Jeremih much better than the original. When the open horns play during the hook it’s almost impossible not to smile, and the simplicity during the verses is awesome. Chance goes in, absolutely bodying the beat and showing perfect execution of his singing-rap style.

6) Confident – Justin Bieber 


Okay, this song is really bad with the exception of the Chance verse. If you don’t want to listen to the whole song, I get that. Chance’s verse starts around 3:53. It really sucks that he dropped this fire ass verse on a Justin Bieber track, but c’est la vie.

5) Baby Blue – Action Bronson 



This is one of my favorite Action Bronson songs. The beat is dope, Action’s verses are witty and the video is hilarious! What’s not to like? This is the perfect ode to exes (shouts out Sydney). (Editor’s Note: The past songs we’ve skipped to Chance’s verse. This one’s just entertaining all throughout, so enjoy.)

4) Child’s Play – SZA 


Chance teams up with SZA on this track to create the perfect song for those lonely winter nights. This track makes me want to put on a record and dive deep into my subconscious, bringing up memories of exes, not necessarily lovers, but ex-relationships in general.

3) Tap Dance – Octive Minds 


Octive Minds and the Social Experiment should come together more often because this track is hot. Chance raps from the point of view of a tap-dancer’s own two feet. He names the feet One and Two, which is more clever than it seems. He uses “one and two” to count the steps for the dancer, but also the rhythm of the song.

2) Don’t Wait (Remix) – Mapei 


This is one of my favorite songs because it helped me get through a tough time. Chance talks about how having a long distance relationship while he is on tour is emotionally hard for both him and the woman he’s rapping about. According to Rap Genius, Chance said, “This relationship is strained by the physical distance between us, Since I moved away, coming home feels like a visit.”  Mapei’s voice is also very beautiful.

1) Life Round Here – James Blake 


You know those songs that are so sad that they’re good? This song makes Chance look like the Conor Oberst of rap. After this song came out, Chance announced that he and James Blake were going to move in together and make a collab album. Unfortunately, that never happened. 🙁 Chance delivers one of his most interesting verse on this song. He jumps around in tone and flow to absolutely demolish the beat.

Honorable Mention: You Song – Lil Wayne Feat. Chance the Rapper

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