Towkio .Wav Theory Mixtape Review

Towkio’s recent debut release of .Wav Theory couldn’t have been at a better time for himself and the Save Money Crew, especially with Surf coming around the corner sometime soon. Like all of Save Money, Towkio is a prospect rising from the denizens of Chicago urging the world to break away from the Drill Genre that most know Chicago for. While that probably is not the true and direct motive, his mixtape peaks through every angle and facet, showing the diversity and culture that his city truly holds. While there are areas of his mixtape that seem out of place and wild, Towkio and .Wav Theory is without a doubt raising eyebrows, impacting the scene the way Save Money should; with unorthodox flows and encapsulating instrumentals.

The beginning of .Wav Theory starts off with a self-titled song­-introducing smooth flowing landscapes of ambience that let your ears click in curiosity. That’s when you know that the instrumentals are definitely something to look forward to. It’s a good hint that illustrates the second track, Clean Up, which sets the bar high by introducing an up­beat summer instrumental utilizing cocaine-­infused xylophones. Alongside Chance the Rapper covering the hook, this is the first track where Towkio puts his foot down. Immediately into the first verse he says,

“I create, this my world, you gon’ learn/It could end any day/Body bags cover face, they zip up just like Bapes.” 

The song continues with hyped hooks and Towkio’s understanding of patience in waiting to blow up which transitions well into the next two tracks. This segment of the album retains these eccentric, high volume dance beats that are seemingly evident in Towkio and if not revealed too early, should have been rolled throughout the whole album.

Songs like ‘God In Me’, ‘Addicted’, and ‘Reflection’, while by no means are poorly produced, but seem out of place and unfamiliar with the rest of the album. While these do show other sides and the flexibility that Towkio as an artist has, there’s something about the rest of the mixtape that outshines those three songs and make them feel unfamiliar with the mixtape as a whole. ‘God In Me’ is that destroy your block with the prowess of your speakers material. It’s that roll down the loop in Chicago and drown out everyone blaring the horns in their car material. It’s a single, it’s hot, but it’s just out of place. ‘Addicted’ is an interlude to ‘Reflection’, and like I said seems out of place, but they show the diversity in Chicago and within Towkio, namely being part of the bar and club scene down there. While it’s great to show every angle you’ve got, it’s risky as it may have the ability to distract from the mood that the tape previously brought you on to feel, and it does just that for me.

What Save Money Crew does for Chicago is at the absolute opposite side of the spectrum as to what Drill Music does. Drill music admires and revels in the atrocities and troubles the city has, while the hip­ hop that Save Money distributes unravels the beauty and culture within the corners of the cities’ neighborhoods, all while exposing the dark spots that slip through the cracks.

Towkio’s .Wav Theory is good.There’s no doubt about that. But it can be pushed further and this sort of material makes you think of artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Bishop Nehru, or Isaiah Rashad when you first heard of their tapes. He’s got tons of potential, and if you don’t see him as a part of XXL this year, he’s definitely going to take part in the next.

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