Tripping on Trapadelic

Miami rapper WiseProof‘s new project Trapadelic is all sorts of something. If the cover art doesn’t explain it enough, Proof takes you on one hell of a trip throughout the 18 tracks. The album combines an onslaught of trap elements while sprinkling in glitch-hop right on top. It doesn’t sound like anything from this world and Proof really goes out on a limb for this one. It’s important to take risks with your art and that’s something we all can appreciate. Trapadelic puts forth a worthy effort to try and create something totally different than what’s out right now.

High-risk, High-reward

The opening track “More More More” definitely sets the tone for what to expect on the album as it stands as a solid base foundation of all the music on Trapadelic. Filled with heavy bass and a lot of video game sounds, the production creates what feels like future trap. You can really grasp the the vibe and style Proof is going for by watching the video for “More More More” below.

The high notes on Trapadelic generally come from the vibrant and spacey production that rings throughout the entire album. On “2 Donkeys,” a reggae-trap smash flows melodically into your ear canals while proudly proclaiming “that ass look like two donkeys.” It doesn’t sound creative but rather comes off as a tacky effort at a line about some nice booty. Sometimes the excellence of the production is undertaken by the lyrics which definitely isn’t something the artists want; there has to be a harmony between the two.


At times the tracks are often fun and entertaining. On “Beam Me Up,” it’s easy to imagine Captain James T. Kirk turning up with Spock as they enter deep space, a couple of 40 oz.’s in hand. Then there’s “Scuse Me,” a track that feels incomplete. It’s just missing something which leaves a stale taste behind. Trapadelic seems to be lacking in a certain consistency where the tracks aren’t all on the same level of quality. A lot of times it’s hit or miss.

One of the best songs on the project is easily “Dukes Up” featuring rapper Snolen, who you might know better as Snolen Savy, the east coast singer/rapper who totally dominates the track. She flows hard over the old school beat while adding her smooth vocals on the hook for the finishing touches. There’s a moment where the growling of a lion, a tiger, or a bear *OH MY* comes up out of the background and you can’t help but connect that directly to her. The beat is insanely infectious as it infiltrates into your body, creating some type of groove.

Trapadelic is without a doubt interesting. The whole concept of the project is pretty wild. Psychadelic trap music from the future is really what Trapadelic is at the core. The combination of sounds throughout are very different from what you’re going to be hearing on your mom’s iPod shuffle. It feels like a member from the space version of the Black Eyed Peas came back in time and blessed WiseProof with special powers and drugs from Andromeda. You have to respect a vision like this when an artist tries something different. While it’s not going to win album of the year, at least on this planet, Proof delivers us something new that is worth checking out if you are a hip-hop head. Experimental hip-hop is a wonderful thing and Trapadelic takes that term to new heights.

Our Rating